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This game made me want to rip my hair out... 4/5 this was super fun and for a first game you show tons of promise. I will be looking forward to seeing more games from you.


This game looks cool and awesome. I'm waiting for the Linux version :)
Please inform me :D

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Is this only for Windows...How do I actually play the game once i pay? I just downloaded the game and it downloads as a zip and when you open up the folder it is just sound clips.

Yes, the game is windows only for now, it is also free! There's a donation box that pops up asking if you'd like to donate to me, (which you can skip).

I will refund your money to you, sorry for the misunderstanding.


you werent kidding when you said this was difficult. this is extremely well polished, beautiful art, music is very cute, and the controls are very tight. you made walljumping effortless so it came down to my own reactions than trying to wrestle with the controls for a majority of the game. had a lot of fun challenging myself to beat the areas! the lantern/lighting really adds onto the difficulty

just a note that i accidentally hit r and reset the entire game! i was trying to see if i could save since i couldnt beat it in one go